About tngbc

Hello and thankyou for visiting!

tngbc is my small business based in Central Queensland. My love for all things organic and natural lead me to create purposeful giftboxes chock full of hand picked goodness from Australian small businesses and trusted brands.

Quite a while ago now, I started to question more about the way we live and the things we do that affect our health and our planet. I spent countless hours reading everything I could find. I cleaned up, cut out and reinformed myself about food, products I used on my skin and around my home and slowly changed the way we used ‘stuff’. The more I read, the more I changed and the better we all felt.

tngbc is a collection of my favourite products, a way to make gift giving easy, convenient and eco conscious. A box is a beautiful way to send goodness only to a loved one or friend or to just treat yourself!

If you would like any more information on anything or help in creating your own gift box, please just email me.

Kim x