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Meet the Maker

T E A - Its such a delightful ritual and there are so many ways to enjoy a cuppa. When I fist saw Thrive by Nature, I loved everything about this beautiful business. Olivia Julietta is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Remedial Massage therapist and has created nine unique blends of naturopathic and herbal teas. With eco-friendly cello wood pulp packaging, use of recycled paper and a trial pack option, this maker ticked all the boxes. I love the sample sizes - you can enjoy a taste of all 9 blends, try something new and decide which blends you love and want more of! Read on to find out more about Olivia and Thrive By Nature...
Thrive By Nature Tea Sample Pack Gift Box
What inspired you to start Thrive?
I study naturopathic medicine and have experimented with a range of ingredients making all sorts of purposeful teas for a few years now. For me, tea making was (and still is) my escapism where I can fuse my love for creativity and herbal therapy. To be honest, I only ever dreamed that one day in the future, maybe when I was old and grey, that I would be able to add tea maker to the repertoire! However it all manifested rather quickly, when a lady (now a dear friend) was opening a cafe in Manly called Ora. Long story cut short, I made a few wild promises, and within 2 weeks I was a fully functioning tea business. I guess the moral of the story is start even when you think you’re not ready.

What services or products do you offer?
We currently have nine unique tea blends, which have all been lovingly prepared and packaged in line with naturopathic philosophy. That is, to be as close to nature as possible, create a sense of balance and do no harm. Each tea is hand-blended in small batches from organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients. Unlike many teas on the market, our teas contain no sugar, artificial colours or flavours but only beautiful, unapologetically pure and unchanged ingredients from the soils of our earth — just as nature intended!

What is unique about your business?
There is something so special about hand-made, organic tea. You can have many thoughtful products on the market, but how thoughtfully have they been made? The idea that there has been minimal processing but maximal joy and good vibes in the making of all my teas, almost makes me wish it wasn’t my product so I could receive them as a gift! Tea and herbs are also typically highly sprayed crops, and usually the first time pesticide residues are soaked off is through the tea bag, in your tea cup! Hence why only organic and wildcrafted ingredients are used in the making of each blend.
Even when it comes to organic tea in stores, many are outrageously expensive and/or  bundled up in unnecessary and earth-unfriendly packaging, which is counterintuitive in my view.
With all of this in mind, we designed our packages with 100% recycled paper and utilized soy-based inks and waterless printing technology, which is a unique form of offset printing that eliminates the use of water and chemicals to transfer the ink onto the paper as in regular printing presses. We also avoid plastics and only use recycled food grade paper and wood pulp cello to pack each tea, with the handmade touch of recycled jute string to tie them off into beautiful bundles.

How do you go about getting new resellers on board?
I am a business that cares deeply about sustainability, ethicality, localism, transparency and above all, health; and I love to align with businesses that really walk the walk. So when it comes to resellers, I am much more focused on quality rather than quantity; personal, face-to-face meeting rather than impressions and above all ensuring that our alliance is of benefit and compliment to each other. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity so far to work with various businesses from cafes to integrative clinics, boutiques, spas, gift-box companies and even yoga studios that really speak truth to this vision. It has been such a natural process that has not required any pushing or pulling tactics, your vibe really does attract your tribe!

What’s your non-negotiable – eco or health wise?
Oh gee I have so many. But I can’t fathom buying bottled water from our lucky country. What a hoax!

Something you’ve had to give up on (or put on the back burner for the moment)?
Tea development and the building up of my naturopathic practice. All for a good reason though – I am becoming a mama and will return to it with a fresher and even more exciting perspective and vision! Stay tuned!

What is your favourite tea blend?
My rooibos chai. It’s the perfect amount of spice and I find it so grounding. It is also caffeine free.

What does the future for Thrive By Nature look like?

More tea blends and a dynamic little naturopathic practice that I can practice from that also has a tea shopfront and dispensary for individual tea prescriptions! I’d also absolutely love to present and host workshops from my practice as well that focus on all things health and creativity so as to bring likeminded individuals together to support growth, empowerment and the cultivation of new skills that bring health, harmony and happiness.

Best gift you’ve ever given or received? Experiences. This always revolves around food and travel. ‘Things’ don’t phase me.

Go to snack… chia pudding with my homemade, healthy chocolate mouse or peanut butter directly on the banana!

I love my… sausage dog Winnie

I Never leave the house without…my water bottle

I always remind myself to…. Have baths.. they bring me back down to earth and literally wash away harder days!

Favourite Quote… Live without pretending. Love without depending. Listen without defending. Speak without offending.
You can buy the sample pack here or visit Thrive By Nature for full sized products.

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