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I first saw Kate's work in a shop in Mackay and I loved it (and bought 2 prints!). I then looked her up on Instagram and found exactly what I was looking for - motivational, unique and stylish, a beautiful gift that would inspire mindfulness and also look great on a desk, fridge, workspace etc. Kates' watercolour quote cards even came with a wooden stand - beautiful and practical - ticked all of my boxes! Kate is a lovely person and I am proud to be able to share a fellow local biz mum's products in my gift boxes, she has kindly answered a few questions for us so you can get to know a little bit more about her and her business. talented 'maker'. Kate also hosts regular Paint and Sip events, so if you are in Mackay be sure to check them out!


Kate, please tell us a bit about yourself…
I am an artist and freelance graphic designer from Mackay, Queensland. I am very passionate about all things creative and love sharing that creativity and inspiration with others.
Something that inspires me greatly is my wonderful family - my husband Scott who is extremely supportive of my creative career and our two beautiful little girls, Matilda and Bronte. Art is such an essential part of my life and there’s never a day that goes by without some creative component.

Tell us a bit about your biz…
KK Inspirations was created in the hopes of inspiring others through art and creativity. My ever-growing range of products include vibrant original artworks, art prints, greeting cards, gift tags, homewares, inspirational sets, and customised stationery. A lot of my artworks are inspired by our local region and surrounding locations.

What’s your non-negotiable – eco or health wise?
It’s really important for my husband and I to live a healthy, active lifestyle and to pass this along to our children to encourage them to live a happy, healthy life as well. It’s not just eating healthy and staying active that is important to us, I would have to say that the health of the mind is a non-negotiable in our lives. Practising small daily rituals to stay focused and happy, whether it is a short meditation, scribbling gratitude’s in my journal or practising mindfulness/visualisation. All techniques I’ve learnt through both personal interest and through my husband who is a Life Coach.

Something you’ve had to give up on (or put on the back burner for the moment)?
Like so many working parents, finding the perfect balance between family life and a business certainly has its challenges and at times seems impossible. Creating art is such a time consuming process so a lot of the time creating a new collection can take months because it is being juggled between graphic design jobs, keeping up with wholesale orders, markets, events, and of course the school runs and fitting in family time. Creating new collections and launching new products that have been in the works for a long time are the two major things that get put on the back burner due to the wonderfully chaotic life we have but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your process when painting?
For me personally, the starting point of a painting is a very important process. I like to gather information, photos and other inspirational material about the subject before even starting to paint. This is the initial research process, as I love to delve in to the subject first. I like to listen to a mix of music that inspires me, I clear my workspace and prepare my brushes and the paints that I need to begin creating. This is the little ritual that seems to be my little kick-start to a new piece. Once I start on a painting the rest of the process moves quite quickly. Like most artists I do have times where I lack inspiration or come to a stand still with a piece. In this case I would walk and come back the next day with fresh eyes.

What does the future for KK Inspirations look like?
There will be exciting new products that will be launched just in time for the wonderful Rock, Paper, Scissors Art and Design Market in Mackay on the 10th of September this year! Bigger and better collections and exciting new collaborations.

Go to snack…
I don’t really snack much – I am more of a three meals a day kind-of-girl. I do love coffee so that would be my go-to during the day, or a handful of nuts/carrots in the late afternoon when hunger creeps in.
I love my…
I love my studio. It’s such an inviting creative space that makes me feel incredibly grateful, happy and inspired.
I never leave the house without…
I never leave home without my phone, and a ‘to-do’ list. I am a little obsessive when it comes to ‘to-do’ lists…just ask my husband. I am lost without a list…I blame my terrible memory!
I always remind myself to….
I always remind myself to be mindful, to stay positive, and to be forever grateful for this life and the amazing people in it.
Favourite Quote…
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton
You can find Kates work in our gift boxes  or as an individual item
Also check out Kates website for more of her beautiful work.

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